Berks County School Districts Health Center

About Us

Purpose of the Trust

The Berks County Schools Health Insurance Consortium was established in 1994 (by 14 school districts in Berks County, the Berks County Intermediate Unit, the career and technology centers, and Berks EIT Bureau) for the purpose of pooling resources and purchasing health and medical insurance for employees in a cost-effective manner.  The Consortium transitioned into the Health Trust in 2010 to enable further cost containment efforts. In 2012, the Trust converted from purchasing insurance to direct funding (or self-funding) of all of the medical claims for its members and dependents. The Trust pays an administrative fee to Capital Blue Cross for inclusion in their network and to process medical claims. The Trust receives 100% of its funding from its member entities and through premium payments from members. The Trustees spend the vast majority of their time working to contain costs while maintaining quality health insurance for all members.

Structure of the Trust

Each member entity (with the exception of the Berks EIT Bureau) selects two Trustees to serve on the Trust Board. The management trustee is selected by the school board and the labor trustee is selected by the labor group(s) of that entity. Each group (management and labor) of trustees selects six of their own members to serve on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets monthly and the Trust Board meets three to four times each year. The Trust contracts with the Berks County Intermediate Unit for accounting services. It also employs a part-time Executive Director.

Trust Initiatives

  • Partnership with St. Luke’s University to Health Network to provide quality primary care through Health Centers dedicated to our members and though St. Luke’s open centers available throughout the county
  • Use of Independent Laboratories
  • Virtual Medical Services